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Zuribet specializes in providing expert betting tips and information on soccer matches.

If you are wondering why, don’t worry, there are many reasons why . You should use our knowledge, because as you may know, in life , knowledge and experience overcome luck. We are lucky sometimes too, because we make our own luck, we choose the WINNER !

Zuribet is a registered company with an International Partner Network. In a few years of operation, Zuribet has established itself as one of the leading soccer advisory services worldwide.

Being a beginner isn’t a bad thing. Actually, we believe it’s a good thing, because you’re programming your mind with the correct way of using our soccer predictions, our knowledge. When you’re doing it by yourself, when you’re trying to learn how to win by yourself, you will lose lots of money, lots of time and in the end the chances are you will stop, saying: “This is not for me!”. Do you want this to happen? I’m sure you don’t! Stay with us from the beggining, learn from the professionals. Choose the smart way, not the hard way.

It’ commonly known that “what you pay is what you get”. Don’t expect to beat your bookmaker while trying amateur tipsters and free websites
You have to pay to get quality service. We have a team of soccer experts with exclusive knowledge & information on almost all teams in the world. To top it off, we have also hired those with some betting industry experiences, those who have worked for a syndicate before. We are here to stay and we want to build quality customer relations with our customers. Our prices are affordable so as to give assurance to our customers that we provide quality soccer betting tips and service. If you never try, you will never know! We guarantee that you will not regret trusting us today!


We provide our customers with professional betting tips in all major European Leagues  like: England – Premier League, Spain – Primera Division, France – League 1, Germany – Bundesliga, Italy – Serie A, Netherlands – Eredivisie, but we also predict the less known leagues like: Portugal – Liga Sagres, Russia – Premier League, Croatia – 1st Division, Ireland – Airtricity League or Turkey Super Liga. We have only 1 rule when we pick our soccer games: The league doesnt matter, as long as it has the highest probability of winning.

Zuribet provides tips only for selected matches that are verified by our Experts Team. We release tips only for matches there is a High stake of winning and a worth interest for our customers.

We published one betting tip every morning in the Premium member’s area on Zuribet web site.

We published the betting tips every morning in the Premium member’s area on Zuribet web site.


My friend, the only thing that’s 100% sure is death. Here, at Zuribet we struggle to pick winners, this is our job but we can’t give you a 100% sure game. We aim for this accuracy, we always try our best, but we can’t give you this guarantee. The only guarantee that we can give you is that if you will follow our tips correctly, you’ll Make profit.

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As long as you have an internet connection, we don’t see a problem following our tips, even if you are from Polynesian island. So yes, not a problem, your country doesn’t matter.

You are not allowed to share or reproduce the purchased information with anyone.
In this case, Zuribet reserves the right to suspend your account immediately with no refund.

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